Friday, July 24, 2015

Beloved Blue Stripe

There's this blue striped fabric that I love. You probably know the one. I only have a tiny bit left. So, I thought it would be fun to review the art quilts I've created using the beloved blue stripe.

This is just a tiny piece I made for the SAQA conference auction.

Here's Indigo Garden which is traveling with the Living Colour exhibit. Notice the stripe is placed vertically!

I think this was the SAQA auction donation for last year's conference.

Waning Crescent Endeavor will soon be shipped off to be part of SAQA's Balancing Act exhibit.

Another tiny piece... just 6x6, I think. This was made for a special gift exchange with my local artist friends.

Two more... it's likely I cut that wavy strip down the middle of a strip of the fabric then flipped one side over so I had two wavy hillsides for these landscapes.

I purchased the stripe in about five color ways and configurations about four years ago. I have used some of the other colors. The red is in my new quilt, Green Bowl.

I used the yellow in this quilt I created for Sue Bleiweiss's book.

But the blue is still my favorite.

You can see the whole beautiful collection here. I should probably order more blue, right?


Linda Teddlie Minton said...

What a fun post, looking at all these quilts where you have used the same fabric in different ways! It makes me wonder how many quilts I've done the same thing with. Love your newest one for D@8!

Jane LaFazio said...

Can I purchase Green Bowl? love it! I have a Cas Holmes quilt with a red bowl, and it needs a companion!

love this post and your love of the blue stripe!

Carol Morrissey said...

I enjoyed seeing all those pieces! I love them all. Yep, you'd better order more of that blue stripe!

Sandy said...

I love seeing your 'favorite blue stripe' because it's one of mine too! When Kaffe came out with that line I went a little crazy and bought as much as I could and have also continued to use it in just about every quilt I make- it seems to blend so well into other fabrics! I also bought a line of his 'shot cottons' that are iridescent looking when added to other fabrics- both of these are genius for blending!
I think, if you're looking for either this one or similar stripes, has some on their opening page. Check around, I bet you can find some more! Sandy

Kathie Briggs said...

What a wonderful retrospective of your work that incorporates your favorite fabric. Really enjoyed seeing how you used it in each piece. Clearly it speaks to you and for you.

Denise Losczyk said...

Love your use of the blue stripe, and also all your fabrics! Beautiful and inspiring work! Thank you for sharing.

Cathy Perlmutter said...

Your work is stunning! And Kaffe's stripes are wonderful. I agree with Sandy that you can probably find more!