Monday, July 27, 2015

Shopping with Warhol

Jeff needed some new shoes, so we went to the mall this weekend. He scouted shoe inventory and decided we should to to North Park Center. Hooray! It's a beautiful facility full of world class sculpture.

A tiny glimpse of Ad Astra by Mark Di Suvero. 

A broader view of the same piece.
I should have taken an even wide shot of the musician singing children's songs and all the little kids dancing nearby, and moms and dads leaning on the sculpture. Truly living with art.

There was a visiting exhibit that was previously shown in Madison Square Park in NYC.

Three water tower structures as metaphors for the experience of immigrtion.

Viewers could walk under and view up into the structures. Each had a different neon design which was reflected in a mirror so it appear to go on and on and on...

I really loved this ladder.

My favorite sculpture at North Park: Fiver Hammering Men by Jonathon Borofsky.

Last time we went to North Park this exhibit was not on display. I'm happy the men are back at work hammering.

The plantings throughout the center are also world class. Some of quite odd, but beautiful.

Here's Claire viewing Andy Warhol's Ads...

...while most shoppers seem unaware.

There are more Warhol silk screens above the Macy's sign.

The art is from the collection of Nasher family. Nasher was a developer and much of his fortune came from building North Park Mall. He later built the Nasher Sculpture Center which is across the street from the Dallas Museum of Art and may be my favorite museum experience in Dallas.

I will say that going to North Park is like a little micro-experience of life in Dallas. There are lots of really inspiring things to see and do, but you are always surrounded by commercialism and crowds. Maybe that's sort of true in any big city.

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