Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Working on the Book

Yep... I'm spending tons of time working on my book! It's a super exciting project... with so many pieces and parts. Images, sketches, diagrams, quilts, side bars, tips, resources.... My head is spinning a big.

I'm making a mess of the thread on my sewing table -- now in the dining room since the studio is full of other stuff.

I'm working on several small art quilts to illustrate various ideas and technique.

I'm making lots of notes to myself.

I recently printed out the whole manuscript so I could make notes and flip around from chapter to chapter and page to page. You can't do that on a computer monitor. Apparently, I was thinking about dominos.

I'm doing lots of stitching too. This color from from Sublime Floss has it's own unique name and catch phrase on the labels. This just cracks me up. (Green Day is a famous punk band known for their album American Idiot.)

I definitely need some humor to keep me from feeling too overwhelmed.

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