Sunday, December 21, 2014

Unique Commission with First Graders

Several weeks ago I got an email from a first grade teacher at a private school. She got my name from a mutual friend. She was tasked with providing something from her class for the annual school fundraising auction. She and her husband wanted to make a donation to the school and thought it would be interesting to make the "donation" by commissioning an artist to create the class auction item(s), then hoping the items would raise even more than their original donation at the auction. 

We chatted about possibilities and eventually agreed that I would make twelve 6x6 collages mounted on stretched canvas inspired by drawings from the first graders. I'd convert the drawings to fabric -- taking creative license as needed -- and add machine stitching and a bit of hand embroidery. Initially we thought we'd have the kids make crossed designed with lines and paper. 

I created this mock up for her so she'd see how the cross concept might be turned into fabric.

She thought the collection of collages might be better if they weren't all the same, so we agreed that she'd also have the kids draw houses, flowers and something of their own choosing. I would make three mini-collections of four matching collages.

First I had to sort through all the drawings and find four crosses, four houses and four flowers to work with... keeping in mind that each of the 12 first graders needed to have a collage created from one of their sketches.

Here are the twelve I ended up with.

I started by fusing the four-patch crosses taking color inspiration from the kids' construction paper choices.

Then I fused lines in place.

I've also started on the houses which will be enhanced with lots of stitching to match the kids' line drawings.

Isn't the tall wavy house with the teeny tiny door fabulous?! I think elves live here.

I hope the kids are pleased and the parents donate lots of money to the school and bring home these small art quilts to enjoy in their homes.

I really think this is an interesting way to support an artist (me!), incorporate the kids into the process and raise funds for the school.

I'll be sharing more pictures along the way.


Vivien Zepf said...

What a great idea and great interpretations! Can't wait to see the whole collection.

Terry Grant said...

How fun, and so aligned with your style!

Rachel Parris said...

What a FUN idea! This should be a really big hit! Congrats!

Laceflower said...

what a great idea, and isn't that house great!

MulticoloredPieces said...

This is an amazing project--so creative. I just happened upon your very creative blog and have enjoyed the visit. Wishing you a very happy Holiday Season.
Best from Tunisia,

chris said...

How wonderful - gets me thinking - look forward to the finished product.