Friday, December 19, 2014

Holiday This and That

Such a fun time of year, right?!

I went out to lunch with a bunch of gals to celebrate a birthday and the birthday girl's husband sent along this box of Sprinkles cupcakes for us to share for dessert. Isn't that so generous and DELICIOUS! The ones in the lower right are the seasonal chocolate peppermint flavor that I nearly grabbed before anyone else could steal one.

Claire is making a Tardis gingerbread "house."

We enjoyed our annual tradition of chocolate fondue on the night we decorate the Christmas tree. These were the chocolate dippers, we had bread and apples with cheese fondue earlier.

I saw this at Target. Because it's fun to nibble on Baby Jesus?

It's gray in Texas, but Lincoln doesn't mind.

Some artists friends and I enjoyed brunch together plus a gift exchange. There were several items in the gift bag I chose, including this beautiful lemon from Brenda's tree. I am just stunned by it's elegant simplicity.

She also included a bag of fresh bay leaves from her garden. I put this sweet little bag on my spice rack and I love seeing it sitting there with the prepackaged dried stuff.

The wonderful simple gifts of unexpected cupcakes, treasures from the garden and spending time with family and friends... really aren't so simple right? They are the beautifully complex blessings of the season.

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