Friday, October 11, 2013

Blog Renew: 26 (Am I Crazy?!)

Only three more days to get the super bargain introductory price on my new online workshop!

Lots of artist friends have asked me why my workshop is only $15!? (But, only until October 15, then it will go to its regular price of $25. Still a bargain.)

Why? Well... I just want lots of creative people to dive in and take my workshop. I really do!

I want to grab anyone who is interested and seize the opportunity to share my ideas about art and the creative process. I want them to feel like they just can't pass it up for only $15.

In reality, there are lots of people out there who don't have a lot of extra cash to spend on hobbies. I've had people tell me that the class is worth $65. Or maybe even $80. (That's so kind. Thank you.) But, honestly, those are big numbers for a lot of people. I love the idea that my workshop might be immediately accessible to them, rather than having to save, wait, re-budget or splurge.

I'm not completely alone. Alisa Burke offers several online classes for only $30. Julie Fei-Fan Balzer has an amazing series of classes for only $15. You can register for inexpensive classes on Craftsy or Creative Bug or tons more sites. (And the folks that created Angry Birds made millions selling their game for only 99 cents.)

I don't feel like I'm undervaluing myself or the quality of the workshop. (It's a great workshop. I'm very proud of it.) I'm just making a marketing choice.

Want to know how you can support me and these crazy ideas?! Register for the workshop. Tell all your friends. Mention it in your quilt guild newsletter. Link to it on Facebook. Gather a group of quilters or arty types, get everyone to register, then work on the project together. Wouldn't that be fun?

Then let me know what you think! Tell me what other kinds of workshops you'd like me to create.

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Lynette (NZ) said...

So excited to have signed up. I definitely felt at $15 I have nothing to lose and have enjoyed the first video about choosing to select some for my piece