Thursday, October 10, 2013

Blog Renew: 25

After many hours poking around Pinterst at various wall decor arrangements, I was inspired to hang some artwork (and other stuff) on two walls in our living room.

I'm so pleased with how it turned out. I just love the mixed-media, collage feel of everything.

You may see art from some artists you recognize. Karen's husband, Ted, made the beautiful glass plate that's on the bottom self of the side table.

There is an old snap shot of my sister and I with our great grandmother tucked in the frame of the cross stitch sampler she made. Terry Grant made the tree post card. Melanie Testa did the small painting next to it. (I love how that painting lifts off the wall since it's just bare and unframed.)
The yellow dog is a print Jeff bought in Iceland before we even had our own beloved yellow dog!

The terra cotta sun was purchased in Mexico on our honeymoon. It was broken in our first move from Champaign, IL to Jacksonville, FL in 1993. Twenty-one years of marriage and twelve moves later, I just love the story it tells.

The two little prints of the church and the volcano are from Iceland. The square landscape fabric collage is my own work! The edge of the yellow ceramic circle was an elementary school art project made by Claire.

Here is the other side above the piano.

A little less glare...

I tried to mix shapes, media and hanging methods. I tried to chose just things I we really love and have meaning. (There is more I'd like to hang... especially more small pieces of art by some of my friends. Those are destined for my studio space.) The Eiffel Tower print hangs from a simple office supply clip. Can you spot the Hotel Del in Coronado, CA and the Blue Angels flying over the Severn River in Annapolis, MD?

That's the receipt from the purchase of the piano signed by Jeff's grandfather. And the ridiculously awesome blue-eyed potato water color made by one of the kids.

At the very left edge you can see a cross stitch made by Jeff's sister. There is a cross stitch made by my mother on the other side. Another of my small art quilts here too... with the blue edge.

Here's a funky vase that I gave Jeff for our 15th anniversary. I etched the bold "15" on the side.
Also tiny pictures of our most precious creations!

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Diana P said...

Deborah, your arrangement is so very interesting. Thanks for the explanation and tour of the different pictures and works of art. I especially love that you included the potato print. Great contrast and so much love in it.