Monday, May 20, 2013

SAQA Auction Donation

Once again, I am happy to donate a small art quilt quilt for the Studio Art Quilt Associates auction. You can read about my donations from previous years here and here and here.

My 2013 donation is titled Rocks, Rivers and Rooftops.

It's 12x12" -- as are all the auction donation quilts. You can view them on the SAQA website and on the auction Pinterest board. Plus, mark your calendar for the auction running September 9 to 27.

Here's a detail.

It includes lots of my favorite images and techniques --- the houses, the hand embroidery, handwriting as surface design, a painted stenciled twig and the arch over the top of the suggested landscape. Rocks too! They pop up in my work every now and then. You can see two examples in this post.

Ok... now here's the back story about this auction quilt.

About three years ago, I made a quilt specifically to enter in SAQA's Sense of Adventure juried exhibit. My inspiration was the amazing zip line adventure we had while visiting the island of Antigua, especially the cool tree house structures and platforms through out the rain forest.  You can see the quilt and some detail shots here. It was not accepted into that exhibit and I was never very happy with it. So...

Yep. I chopped out a corner, ripped some stuff off, added some pieces and some new stitching and finished the edges.

So much better! Was it hard? Nope. It might have been tough a couple of years ago. But this quilt has just been sitting in a pile getting uglier and uglier. I was READY to cut it up. Now I'm eager to cut it up some more and salvage some more small pieces. I actually really like that red plant with the one tall stalk. Stay tuned!


Natalya Khorover Aikens said...

it's lovely now, have fun chopping up the rest!

Kristin L said...

Yay for chopping up work we're not happy with! :-)

Regina said...

Old into new! I love it. Little houses always make me happy. :)