Saturday, May 18, 2013

We're Moving Again!

I'm thrilled to report that our path is leading us back to our home in Texas! Here it is when we moved in on May 2, 2005. We were there for five years before we moved to Maryland.

Jeff's military orders at the United States Naval Academy will come to an end this summer. We've had an amazing time in Maryland and there are so many things and people that we will really miss.

But, we are very excited to reconnect with friends back in Texas! (And go back to some of our favorite restaurants.)

Remember my studio space in our TX home?

It's going to be great to settle back into creating art here too!


Del said...

Congrats! I'm glad you are happy about the move. Del

kathy said...

Hope your move is an easy one. I'd love to see this same picture 8 years later!

Honoré said...

So sorry to see you go but oh so glad that I had a chance to meet you during your too-brief (in my opinion) stay in Maryland.