Tuesday, February 08, 2011


When we moved to Maryland, Diane Doran hooked me up with an amazing group of fiber artists. MetroThreads meets monthly -- and they have no membership requirements, no board, no rules or expectations. How nice is that?! I've been a few times and I've been totally impressed by the work, the enthusiasm and the community spirit.

After seeing the SAQA trunk show last year, MetroThreads decided to coordinate a similar exhibit. Members all created small art quilts that will be displayed behind mats with a 7.5" square opening and slide into a plastic sleeves.

Here are my contributions.

Abode Abundant

Of course, this is very similar to my recent 12x12 quilt. I didn't add the "swarm" of green cross stitches. Maybe I should?

Purple Construction with Lotus

They were really fun to make. Plus, I didn't have to actually put a back on the quilts or finish the edges since they will be covered by the mat. Bonus!


Gerrie said...

Love them both. So glad you got hooked up with this group.

Kristin L said...

What a lovely way to share your work. It's nice to see you revisiting your 12x12 piece and working out some of teh kinks from the first time around. I don't think Abode needs the X stitch. I almost thought it did, but on second look, no.

Anonymous said...

Very nice Deborah. And a little light bulb went off over my head when you mentioned not having to back the one that will be matted!

All of us at DAFA are looking forward to your visit in the Spring!