Thursday, February 17, 2011

Active Chaos?

I took a workshop with Lisa Engelbrecht years ago. One thing that stuck with me was her comments on "active chaos" versus "passive chaos." If you're working and creating and generating ideas, then the mess is ok. Right?
You might see...
  • beads and jewelry bits because I am always drawn to the idea of creating mixed media necklaces. Pliers for that same purpose.
  • a small pad of tracing paper, which reminds me that I need to shop for some larger tracing paper.
  • a bit of my brown/sage/blue 12x12 piece in-progress.
  • a bag of left over Valentines that needs to be stashed for next year.
  • and empty box of Godiva chocolates because I like to use those boxes to store little beads and other goodies.
  • a bit of purple ribbed-knit leftover from the circle skirt that I made for Claire. It has a yoga-style waist band.
  • various bits of tulle, organza and chiffon because I am obsessed with sheer layers.
  • my Christmas coffee cup that I painted for the Frayed Edges years ago. I use it year round because it reminds me of them.
  • my iPhone on which I have been listening to The Story.
The mess is probably ok for another day or so. Then, I will need to get it under control.


Pam said...

i love the thought of Active Chaos.. My creative space is always messy no matter how hard I try to keep it put away.. UNLESS friends are coming to sew and the table needs to be clean for their machines...:) P

Kristin L said...

Right! The chaos in my "studio" waxes and wanes -- I both need and tolerate it when I'm actively working on something, but too much chaos for too long wears me down and I have to wipe teh slate clean to get moving again.

Diana Pease said...

When I'm on "project overload" I find a complete change of scenery does wonders........if it's winter, I go to the kitchen and bake. If it's spring or summer I go outside with a good book and read. Lowers the blood pressure, too.