Tuesday, July 20, 2010


shot outside the City Museum when we were visiting family in early July

I'm in the midst of packing, organizing and planning. I'm trying to take short moments to breathe. To look ahead and to look back.

We're planning lots of get-togethers with friends. Last meals together and quick book-club meetings before we leave Texas. Why do we wait until it's almost too late to spend quality time with friends?

I set aside a gift card I knew I needed to spend before we moved. I remember putting it in a safe place. Grrrr. Can't find it.

The Twelves have been going over the laser proofs of our book that will be published in the Spring. It looks so fantastic! All 144 quilts are beautifully photographed and presented. The written content that goes along with them is so interesting, thoughtful, honest and inspiring. I am very thankful that my connection to this fabulous group won't change, no matter where I live.

We're trying to eat all the random stuff in the frig and freezer. Last night was frozen talapia which was yummy. The rest of the week is not looking so good. Even though we'll be out of this house soon and in a hotel for a few days, I still need to buy more milk, cereal and bananas.

Claire played in a soccer tournament this past weekend. I think it got up to 104 degrees. That I will not miss. The fellowship and fun with families on the sidelines: that I will miss.


Terry Grant said...

Sometimes those final memories are the best and leaving a place gives you a reason to think about friends and realize what they've meant to you--and tell them if you can. On the other hand, moving is such hard work. Ugh. I hope it goes smoothly for you. Upward and onward!

Anonymous said...

When we left Texas (Highland Village! & I worked in Lewisville)
what I missed most was the close group of friends. Second was the Quilt Country shop.
BarbaraB in NC

Gerrie said...

I think all the moves we have made over the years has greatly enriched my life. My Christmas card list just gets longer!!

I love how you have maintained your connection with the Maine girls.

Kristin L said...

We tend to amass things like half used bottles of soy and Worchestershire sauces and assorted cleaning items whenever anyone moves. I hate that balancing act of having enough edible food, yet not throwing away, or leaving the neighbors with, too much.

Unknown said...

I am lucky - the new house is nearer than the supermarket where I bought my frozen food in the first place so the freezer can be moved fully filled. Of course it might be a good idea to investigate what is at the back of those drawers anyway....!