Wednesday, July 14, 2010


I have a wonderful little local group of arty friends. Truly wonderful. Three of us are moving in the next few months. Grumble. It's so hard to part ways. To ease the pain a bit, we decided to take a private workshop with local artist Margie Woods Brown.

It was a wonderful celebration of our friendship, creativity, time and art.

Margie's studio space is beautiful...

Little shrines here and there.
Smiling faces!
Getting messy.
Inspiring direction from Margie.
I love this sink and art vignette.
Here are the pieces I created.
As we were creating, I was really aware of the colors, patterns, layers and motifs I was using. I can totally imagine using some of them in my fiber art.

I was also absorbing the pleasure of time with my friends. A blessing.


Gerrie said...

Lovely! You will soon have another group of friends - I think I know you well enough to say that. Your groups of friends will grow as you move on in your life.

Bee said...

Looks like y'all had a wonderful time together making memories to keep with you. I love the pieces you created!

Kristin L said...

That's such a wonderful idea to have a last hurrah play day together!

Connie Akers said...

I agree, it was a wonderful day.

Diane Perin said...

Arty friends are the best! I'm glad you're one of mine! And just think -- as you move you are making more arty friend all over the country. I'm glad you got to celebrate your friendship and creativity with such a fun day.