Thursday, September 10, 2009


I just must sit down and post something. I've been a bad blogger. Sometimes I feel like I have lots of interesting things to say and then I go blank. Other times I feel I have nothing at all to report. Sigh. This is not uncommon. Several others have noted their blogging delinquencies of late. So, I'm not making any excuses and I know you are placing no blame.

I have just finished a major clean-up and re-do in Claire and Benjamin's rooms. We didn't do everything we hoped to do, but it's still a major improvement and we are no longer living with random furniture and mess everywhere.
We found this super fun set of bedding for Claire's room and we painted her walls teal to match. There are a few more things on the list for her room... but for now, it's comfortable and fresh! All the bedding pieces coordinate and can be flipped around for a different pattern. The set came with a bed skirt that I plan to turn into a window valance and maybe some throw pillows -- with matching rick rack!

We moved a few items around in Benjamin's room and ordered a red bean bag. What kid doesn't love a bean bag?!

I haven't been in the studio since I finished the two articles that will be published in upcoming magazines. But, that's been just fine. I needed a break. But, I'll be back to creating something soon. Goodness, the next 12x12 is due on October 1 and I don't even have any ideas brewing.

My sister and her husband are coming to visit this weekend, so we are looking forward to some fun family time. I'm planning to make blueberry crisp again. Yum-O!


Diane Perin said...

Claire's new set up looks great -- fun and friendly. Love the color! And Caroline's bunk bed looks very very similar!! Have a great visit with your sister!

Kristin L said...

I know a girl who would love a fun fresh room that color too! And you're right, there's no kid that doesn't love a bean bag chair.