Wednesday, January 21, 2009


I had a great day yesterday. It was a celebration of my birthday and lots of other blessings... big and little. Ashley, Lu and Connie came over to watch the inauguration.
See the flowers behind Lu? Jeff sent them along with a lovely note and a box of chocolates! (He's out of town, but he took me out for a lovely dinner last week.) You can also see my amaryllis blooming on the kitchen table. (Finally.)

We had yummy coffee cake muffins. You can see the "recipe" here.
Michelle brought me this authentic "Historic Victory Plate." It even came with a display stand. I love it!

Michelle came decked in all kinds of patriotic gear right down to her toes.
I wore my Obama gear.
I am so thankful for the gifts of hope, promise, friendship, abundance and love in my life.

A few inaugural highlights:
  • My favorite part: the beautiful musical piece, an interpretation of one of my favorite hymns.
  • I also loved the poem, though I heard several people say they didn't like it.
  • I liked Michelle's daytime outfit better than her night time outfit, though neither were home runs for me.
  • I see myself in the Obama family and I think lots of others do too.
  • Still adore Anderson Cooper. (See one of my old blog posts here. Scroll down.)
  • The day ended with a spectacular bang watching Bishop Robinson on The Daily Show.
There was also cake -- that's the Molten Lave Cake from Chili's.
We got it "to go," fixed it up at home and the three of us gobbled it up!


Carmen Rose said...

Yum! Glad you had a nice birthday and Yay Obama!!!

Gerrie said...

Ha!! I agree with every thing, except Anderson Cooper. CNN annoys me in general! Wasn't Bishop Robinson hysterical. Loved the Queen comment.

Then, it was a great treat to see Presiding Bishop Katherine at the National Cathedral for the Prayer service this morning. What a change!

Molten lava cake - yowza!

QuiltingFitzy said...

Happy Be-lates! Looks like you had fun.

I agree with the "real people" aspect of the Obama's. Have you see how Michelle really LOOKS at Obama? She loves her man, you can just tell. That makes me feel SO good. There isn't anything better than the love of your spouse!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!
I have to agree with you about Michelle's dresses! LOL Since her inaugural ball gown will most likely be added to the First Lady dress display at the Smithsonian - what was she thinking!?

Joanne S said...

Happy Birthday dear Deborah! What a great idea to get a "to go" dessert and share it at home. No one has to be polite and you can lick the plate!

I watched the "shows" last night and the rave reviews of Michele's clothes. Bah! That yellow thing didn't fit after they sewed all the Pashmina wool into the lining of the coat and dress. Yes. the color was inspired but not the shape. And if you are going to dance, wear a dress meant for dancing. Her man stepped on the hem everytime he moved.

And yes. I adored seeing the love they have for each other in every glance. Like you and Jeff.

Anonymous said...

I am glad that you had a great day, my love... I am sorry that I wasn't there to share it with you! a&e, jlb

Lucy said...

Deborah, I enjoyed the link to Bishop Robinson's piece on your web. Thanks for that. Sounds like your B-day was good!! lots of love, Lucy

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday! Don't you know I wore the same t-shirt, loved Simple Gifts and watched the awesome The Daily Show. Hornbuckles miss you!!

Jules said...

I am glad I am not the only one who loved the poem. (And I adore Anderson Cooper.)