Friday, January 23, 2009


I'd love to reduce the font size of my "Blog-Tastic" blogroll. It's there on the left. See it? I poked around the html of my template until my eyeballs began to sweat. No luck. Any suggestions?

Edited to Add:
Hooray! Brenda gave me some great advice. I made the font smaller, but I'd still like to make the line height smaller. It's like a scavenger hunt searching through all that html for something that might work.


Dale Anne Potter said...

I did a view source on your blog...the sidebar text is 15 px, so I'm thinking if you change that to 12 it should be about the same size as your actual post.

Anonymous said...

Hi Deborah:
From what I can tell, if you go to the fonts and colors in layout, you can change the sidebar TITLE font and color but I'm not sure the actual sidebar text can be changed. I may have missed something though!
Have a great day.