Wednesday, January 09, 2008


Thanks for all your enthusiastic comments on my artwork being published. It is very exciting.

I am beginning to feel ready to explore lots of other exciting possibilities in the upcoming year. Jeez, could that be any less definitive or confident? "beginning to feel ready?" Everyone keeps telling me to just move forward, but I'm dragging my feet and I have a thousand excuses.

Move forward with what... doing more lectures, teaching some workshops, submitting queries for real magazine articles, self-publishing more books, entering more shows, etc.

It all takes time, of course.

I am working on a new quilt with plans to enter Tactile Architecture. You saw a glimpse in my last post. Here are a few more details.
Actually, it's almost done. I had a wonderful opportunity to meet with some other artists on Tuesday and I asked for advice on this piece. I really wanted it to be done. "Please tell me it doesn't really need more free motion quilting. It's all fused, so it's not too pouchy. Right?!" They said, "Ah, no. It needs more quilting." They were right and after lots of suggestions for motifs and placement, I was able to dive right in and enjoy every minute.

I think the quilting may still be a bit too subtle. I'll look at it on the design wall for a bit. And then decide. Next I'll do some more hand embroidery and then the binding. Probably a fused binding with some embroidery edge detail.
Long time blog readers are not surprised by the color palette. Behold the green and the purple!


Karoda said...

girllll, you are off the hook!!! (i know, dated kids tease me all the time) but congrats on everything...i had broke my habit of buying all things Somerset which you started me on the path in the first place...but i'll pick this one up while i'm out today.

momma helen said...

"A fused binding"--tell me more! I just hate binding quilts, and am trying to find some way to make it less tedious. Maybe this is it???

momma helen said...

Would you be interested in leading a 1-2 day workshop in central Ohio just before or after QSDS?
I'd love to set it up!!

Gerrie said...

Looking good! i am in to really simple machine quilting these days. I love how yours looks.