Friday, January 11, 2008

Now What?

I've had an amazingly productive week in the studio. (Leaving the laundry, vacuuming and general home and family maintenance in shambles.) I've been working on the green and purple piece. The one that I have posted glimpses of. It's almost done. I also finished my chocolate 12x12 piece. And I've pulled out a few small in-progress pieces that need completion.

What do you think? I am pleased with the charming little compositions. (They are just about 5 inches square.)
And the hand embroidery is delicte and fun. But now what? I want to add something more. Embellishments? What kind? Maybe I'd like to add some text. Or words? But I don't want to be predictable. The abstract piece just calls for something in those teal squares. I have tons of flat, rusty bottle caps... but that doesn't seem right. Or are they done just the way they are?


Lisa Flowers Ross said...

Maybe just some contrast stitching in those teal squares? How about some tea bags with the teacups?

Pam said...

Maybe unexpected edges - waves or somthing to add more movement? Hmm on the teal piece - definite meant to feature something??? funky buttons or paperclips???

momma helen said...

Steam words from the coffee cups?

kathy said...

I can see some of your beautiful script in the pink square with something more 3D in the teal squares,(maybe you're Y trees dancing from one sqare to the other) but that leaves the long piece a little unbalanced so it will need something like a curvy moving running stitch. Guess this is saying it doesn't quite look done?! And i love the idea of script steam. I was just going to say steam.

Shelina said...

I'm glad you rushed out of the :beginning to feel like" stage into making these beauties.
The purple piece needs a darker color - I think for contrast.

I was going to say steam for the cups too, but I guess that is predictable. How about a teabag, or a cookie, or maybe some spilled coffee underneath it. Or maybe a rotary cutter or paintbrush in the cup, and more of the work in process in the big gray area. Or a hand.