Thursday, January 03, 2008


Our house is so quiet this morning. All the wonderful house guests have returned to their own homes. The kids went back to school. We had a fantastic holiday season -- full of fun, food, celebrations, laughter and relaxation. I'm feeling full of potential and excitement for the new year.

The first bit of art for 2008 is underway. Here is a peek.
The purple fabric was a Christmas gift from Sarah -- it's hand dyed right in her own basement! You can read more about the gifts she bestowed upon the Frayed Edges here. Really, everything was just lovely! Especially the charming hand-painted bottle -- mine is the purple one (of course).


Gerrie said...

Great eye candy on this dreary Portland morning. Kristin and Katja are coming tomorrow to brighten my day.

Linda said...

That's tantalising!

Are the pebbles a print or have you cut them out yourself? Either way it's intriguing fabric.

judy coates perez said...

Hey cute pic of you in the latest Cloth paper scissors on the make it U page :)

happy new year!