Thursday, December 27, 2007

Christmas Wrap Up

We are having such a full, fun Christmas! I'll take just a few moments to blog and share pictures. Then I'm off to changing the sheets, laundry and grocery shopping for the next round of celebrations.

There was tons of game-playing on Christmas morning. This is a super cool game called N-Trophy that requires balancing sticks -- and making a pirate face, apparently.
All dressed up. Wow... my skirt is very shiny. Claire is looking SO grown up. How did that happen? And here we are at church. Benjamin was completely wiped out. He slept through nearly the entire service. Kind of sweet, actually.
And that was the 5 p.m. service -- not even a late evening!

We had some dueling lap tops.
The little green laptop is from the "One Laptop Per Child" company. Jeff participated in their program where you buy a laptop for a child in a developing country and then you get one for yourself. It's an incredible little machine for lots of amazing reasons. (I see the program has been extended though Dec 31 if you're interested.)

Playing with a block of ice in the back yard. (from the freezer) Simple pleasures.

Wishing you simple pleasures too!


Gerrie said...

Merry Christmas. Your children's attire shows the difference in weather from Portland where it is rainy/sleety/snowy and cold with a few sun breaks.

Sarah Ann Smith said...

I too noticed the weather difference! Here in Maine it has warmed up...days are in the mid 30s, but there is still snow on the ground....a lot less than there was, but enough to make it a White (tho not snowing) Christmas...HOOORAY!

Yes Claire looks growing up! And you all look so nice! I too am seriously behind in everything, house-wise, work-wise, etc. Have lots to blog about, just no time to blog....

Hugs, Sarah

momma helen said...

Totally off-topic:

Have you blogged about page 94 in the most recent CPS? You look like you're having a GREAT time!!

Melly Testa said...

good stuff Deborah! Looks like you are having fun over there. and seeing as you passed two great reading suggestions to me last year, I may just try the Lamott