Thursday, December 20, 2007

Visual Meme

I don't remember exactly where I saw this "visual meme" but I really liked it, so I had a blast browsing through Google images for appropriate pictures! If you enjoy it too, please feel free to join in!

The age you will be on your next birthday:

A Place You'd like to Travel:
That's South Africa. I've been thinking about big family trips lately. I came across a 15 driving tour of South Africa and thought it sounded just wonderful. A fantasy, at the moment.

Your Favorite Place:
Washington National Cathedral, but I have many favorite places including just "home."

Your Favorite Food:

Um. Yeah. Self-explanatory.

Your Favorite Animal:

I don't think I really have a favorite animal, but I do think tigers are quite stunning.

Your Favorite Color:
Can you believe that ridiculous image?!

The town in which you were born:
In January! Can you imagine how cold it must have been?!

The town in which you live:

That's the town hall in Lewisville, which is near Dallas.

On Your Bedside Table:
Anne Lamott is coming to speak at the Dallas Museum of Art in March. I can hardly wait.

Name of your pet:

Your Middle Name:
Yikes! Don't put me in a jar!

Your Grandmothers' Names:

One of Your Bad Habits:
I'd like a chicken combo platter, please. No rice, extra beans.

Your Major in College:

(Journalism. You figured that out, right?)

Hey, if you decide to play along, consider adding your own new catagories!


Rebecca said...

I'm so excited about Anne Lamott coming to the DMA in March. And it is FREE!
Have a wonderful holiday, hope to hook up with you afterwards.

Freja said...

If you ever do come to South Africa, do come and stay with me for a couple of nights :) I live in a small town, Grahamstown, slightly off the beaten track, but if you do a car trip (it's the way to do it) you could stop by and do this area from here.
in South Africa

Gerrie said...

What fun! How did you find the time to hunt down those images? i am reading the same book - when I can find time. I just love her. I would love to hear her speak.

Kyra said...

Love the HOPE in a jar! I just got through sketching HOPE quilt blocks.

Best, Kyra