Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Beautiful Maine

I am so lucky that the weather was absolutely stunning over Memorial Day weekend in Maine. I understand it was yucky the weekend before and the weekend after. It was also yucky in Texas while I was away. Even if the weather had been less-than-perfection, it would still have been a wonderful visit, but really... the opportunity to enjoy lots of time outside was excellent.

I even showered outdoors! Kate has a simply wonderful outdoor shower. She says it's best when the clematis is blooming. You can see it creeping over the side there. Still... I had this charming view of the blooming bleeding heart and other greeny goodness.The tour of Joanne's garden was amazing. I am so not a gardener. And neither were my parents I suppose. Don't you think that makes a difference in the kinds of things you do as you get older? I have never known anyone with an entire produce department in the backyard. Here is but one of many rhubarb plants.
And here is a charming little tree with leaves like a Ruffles potato chip.After the lobster dinner at Kate's house, she and Hannah and I walked down to Brown's Point. Quiet. Just a bit chilly. Serene. Beautiful.Kate promised we could find a bit of sea glass, shards of pottery and maybe a sweet little blue bottle buried in the sand. She was right.
We also saw two bald eagles -- a mama and a juvenile. Kate pointed out their huge nest and we heard them before we spotted them. It's the brown blob on the left.

Then while we were on the sandy side of the point looking for treasures, the juvenile flew out over the water and then swooped back over us and landed near the nest. He was so close we could hear the "whoosh whoosh" of his wings. Breathtaking.


Melly Testa said...

it is SOO good to go back, isn't it? So normal and connecting.

kathy york said...

I can't decide which photos I liked better, the greenery, the table setting, the fish plates, the pin cushions (such yummy fabrics)....I feel like I've been on vacation now,
austin, tx

kristin said...

ahhh...Maine! what's not to love about Maine? your photos are beautiful.

(and I LOVE your pincushions from the last post...great colors :)

Sue Seibert said...

Wow, Deborah, sounds like you girls had a beautiful and fun gathering. Good for you!

Shelina said...

That sounds like such a fun trip - an outdoor shower, beautiful plants, beautiful beach. Looks great! I hope you enjoy it immensely.