Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Joanna's Card

My sister's birthday was last month. I made this fiber post card for her. Here it is waiting for our sweet mail carrier, Susie, to pick it up. Susie always gives kisses to Lincoln through the window when she brings the mail. And here's a close up --
I used this same motif on a Mother's Day card and a tiny little art quilt for a new baby.
And now for a request: does anyone have any smallish, square, reddish sequins? I need about 60. I've considered ordering from Cartwright, but I don't need the minimum order of $10 or the minimum quantity of 325. If you have some, I'd be happy to come over and pick them up and bring you some fresh cut flowers in exchange. (Or maybe you could just pop them in an envelope for me.) That would be so grand!


Anonymous said...

Cute card, and cute mail carrier. Sadly though, I have no red square sequins.

Anonymous said...

I have turquoise and blue, but not red. I would love to have you bring me some flowers, darn!

Love the card, of course.