Sunday, March 04, 2007


What's next? Isn't that always the question? Kristin wrote an eloquent post about lack of focus, and deciding how to be an artist -- or whether to be an artist at all. And wandering around -- literally and figuratively. All I can say is, "Me too!"

Mostly I'm wandering around trying to decide what to do with this:

I'm making it to enter in Quilt Festival in Houston. I don't enter many shows. It just hasn't been where I've felt motivated. But, since I went to Houston last year and plan to go again this year, it seems a good fit for an entry. It would be so exciting to see my work there.

Of all the things I've done recently, I've really enjoyed my contemporary, arty landscapes. Of course, those were all postcard size. My plan is to translate that idea in this larger format and I think I like the foundation here.

I have lots of ideas for details, but I need to decide whether to fuse it to batting now or later. Yes, that's it. That's my delima. Batting now? Batting later? It seems silly now that I write it. I'm not worried about shape, color, line, design, format, composition ... just batting. Ho hum.

It's all pre-fused so I have to protect it from getting accidently fused to something. And I don't have a nice big teflon sheet. Again... this is why I prefer to work small.

I also am planning to add some handwriting for texture in the sky, but I didn't have the right pen. Excuses.

Tomorrow: pen shopping and fuse the batting. Stop wandering.


Anonymous said...

Yup, we are totally on the same wavelength. My dilema is to couch decorative threads now, or couch later. Hmmmm.

Joanne S said...

Work on something else and come back to this.

If things are going well on a piece ( no questions/doubts) I keep going, but if I start to wonder.... then I just move along to something else. Cleaning. Straightening Fabric on the Shelf. Sorting magazines and tearing out pages. Ironing Shirts. And in the midst of all that--I find the answer. Or I don't. Then the piece goes into storage.

Kaleidoscope is having it's annual UFO auction this week. Always fun.

Anonymous said...

I love this background because I love your arty landscapes. I think it will be exciting to see one done larger. Just keep it where you can see it and it will come to you - what to do next, that is!!