Wednesday, March 07, 2007

On my nightstand...

I ordered some books from Amazon recently (along with those awesome half boots). Check out my new reading material!

On the top is Suz's new book Kaleidoscope. I haven't actually read much of it -- but the graphics, art and images are amazing. And what I have read is delightfully inspiring. Suz has a casual, creative way of writing and I am sure I will be referring to it regularly. One of the things I like about this book is that it is filled with the work and words of many wonderful artists -- who haven't been published in every book and magazine. You know who I mean. I love them all too -- but how wonderful to see some fresh names. Sonji is there as is Susan Tuttle who I just barely missed meeting when I lived in Maine. Suz also publishes Artitude. I've got an article in the upcoming issue.

Then there is the Creative Quilting book which chronicles the journal quilt project over the past several years. It's about 7 inches thick -- ok, that's an exageration, but it is FULL of amazing stuff. Many bloggers are represented there too! I can only stand to flip through a couple of pages before I have so many new ideas I have to put the book down and rush to the studio.

And then there is Design: A Lively Guide to Design for Artists and Craftspeople. Sarah has been blogging about this book lately. I've only skimmed, but it's really excellent. It's clean, simple, fresh, and consice, and yet FULL of information.

How is it that I have only skimmed these new treasures? I've been catching up on magazines too. I must say, I really enjoy Cloth Paper Scissors. I think I've used the adjective "fresh" about three times in this post so far... but it's fresh too! Also full of great new voices balanced with some wonderfully respected artists. I am thrilled that CPS and QA are going to 6 issues per year. Except then I'll never get to the stack of books!


Mandi aka Fabric Princess said...

I've been thinking of ordering the "Design" book. I'm curious to know what you think of it? Just a primer or more than that?

Joanne S said...

I ordered Cloth Paper after seeing my first copy and I got all the back issues. The articles and projects can translate into quilts very easily and the copy is indeed 'fresh".

I admit to liking CPS better than QA.

Shelina said...

That does look like a fun stack of books. Books like that are meant to be read slowly - so you can learn the new techniques and new concepts and incorporate them into your work, rather than rushing through them and calling them read. Take your time.

Sarah Ann Smith said...

I'm so glad you like Design...I think at least four or five people have ordered it since my blogpost, and phew! everyone so far has liked it!

I'll have to look at CPS again. I wasn't wild about it the first year. It is very mixed media / collage /stuff on surface, which isn't my way of working. It was a really nice mag., but "not my thing" so I let the subscription lapse. There have been so many rave reviews, though, of the past issue I may need to find one!

Now, what about these "half boots?"