Thursday, June 15, 2006


Yes, we are "settling" in our new home. I think. But, I'm still not finding the big chunks of time necessary to create my very best most inspired and original art. Oh well. This too shall pass.

In the mean time, I'm the only long-distance member of a little collage group that meets back in Maine. We do atc swaps on a theme each month. So, I was able to find a bit of time to sequester myself in the studio to make a set for the first round. The theme was HOME.

magazine clippings, recycled school folder, small fake flowers, stitching

I used gel medium to glue all the pieces together. I'm still not sold on the concept of glue. But at least they didn't fall apart. Though they did curl up a lot. Yes, those little doors open to reveal some little word or picture inside.

Actually, the HOME theme was for the last round. The group has already moved onto the next theme: FRUIT. I had intended to do both themes and mail them all in time for the group's get-together this month. But when I looked at my calendar, I realized they were meeting in three days and I hadn't started the FRUIT cards. Yikes. (Not that big a deal if I didn't have to MAIL them!)

I came up with a fast, yet clever, idea. Plus, it was further exploration of the concept of "spareness" which I had been contemplating.

I picked up a bunch of paint chips at Home Depot all with fruit inspired color names. (I had to go to Home Depot anyway. Seriously!)

I cut them to size with my zig zag rotary cutter. Then I wrote a tiny phrase inspired by the color and/or the color name. Then I glued (again with the glue!) a contrasting bit of color onto the card and called it good. I think they are kind of fun.

Here's a close up.

Ah, the lines!

I think the backs look pretty cool too. I like those upc codes and my date stamp and signature -- in the green and the purple!

Then I went to the post office with the kids and sent them Express mail. Remind me to plan ahead for the next month. (Best laid plans...)


Gerrie said...

Great idea! I new I should save all those paint chips that I collect. I love them. I am such a color nut.

Terry Grant said...

Me too. I collect those paint sample things. Sometimes I stop by the paint department and pick some up just for fun, even if I don't plan to paint anything. I have often thought there must be a crafty use for them. You discovered it! Love the houses too.

Anonymous said...

Great last minute save! And those houses are just wonderful. So very Deborah.

Diane Perin said...

I love them all! You have creative talent just oozing out of you...Look at what you can do for spur of the moment ideas!
Very fun.

Melody Johnson said...

There is something so wonderful about the melange of those paint chips. Perhaps it is the slight variation in each color family. I must get some of my own and study the possibilities.
I am not sure I understand the problem you are having with glue...
how else would you collage this stuff? Besides sewing, I mean.