Thursday, May 11, 2006

Great Day...

Months and months ago when I first learned we'd be moving to Dallas, I saw an ad for Art and Soul in Somerset Studio. I thought it would be nice to attend. Today, I was there!

I took a class from Lesley Riley called, Paris Dreams: An Altered Fabric Book. I really think of Lesley as the most enthusiastic and successful of art quilters who have taken big steps in the world of mixed media. How exciting. Just you wait... you'll be seeing more cross over.

Lesley and me! She is charming, relaxed, enthusiastic and oozing with creativity!

It was a great class! I learned a lot of new techniques and got lots of inspiration. Can you hear the wheel turning in my little brain?

Here is Lesley at work. Hmmm paper or fabric? Ribbon or raffia? Image transfer with acrylic medium or water? Let's try everything.

It was a delight to see her construct a couple of compositions in her own books. I love see other artists' processes. It's almost as good as peeking in someone's sketch book.

We did some image transfers. I'm really not a huge fan of image transfer. I'm glad to have some techniques in mind if I need them, but I don't often incorporate images in my artwork. I prefer to create the "image" with the fabric. Lots of people are simply mad for image transfer. If you are one of them, take a class with Lesley. She's an expert.

Image transfer also requires a lot of trial and error. Testing different products. Printing and manipulating stuff with Photoshop. Me? I'm too lazy. I really want to get straight to the fabric. But, it's good to know what interests you, right?

The theme of the retreat is Paris in My Soul and the class was designed for us to make books about Paris, and Lesley provided excellent images on transparencies and photo paper. I really wanted to make a book about the construction of our house. I tucked some materials in my box and hoped that I wouldn't be considered a trouble maker my choosing my own "theme."

I had great stuff that I picked up from the construction site. Seriously, this is a great location for free art supplies!

Here is one spread I worked on.

A child's board book with about six spreads is the base. The background fabrics are simply glued down to each page. Yes, glue! We worked mostly on the inside of the book. You can't really do the cover until all the inside stuff is complete, so you know how fat it is. If you do the cover first, it might fit too tightly.

Here is another spread.

Regular blog readers will recognize the pictures from earlier in the construction process. That's part of a roof shingle that will get glued in... then I think I'll put a hole in it and wire in a key.

My book isn't even close to being done, but it's the kind of project you can work on bit by bit. I need to gather more doo-dads. No shortage of supplies around here. In fact, in the open lot behind our house I saw some bright green plastic tape.

Here are all the books at the end of the class.

Tomorrow I'm taking a class from Claudine Hellmuth called "Minding Your Own Business" about taking some steps to move my art from a hobby to a profession. Usually "mind your own business" is what I say to the kids when they are pestering each other about tooth brushing or cleaning up or eating dinner or whatever...


Sarah Ann Smith said...

Sounds like you're having fun! Can't wait to see more! Cheers, Sarah

Anonymous said...

Oh yes....looks like fun!!! But, I think I'm in your corner....I have tried Altered Books and collage....neither really trips my trigger.....I prefer the fiber.


Joanna Stein said...

I would love to read your notes for the next class!

I just started subscribing to the crafts report and there are some very inspiring articles!

Anonymous said...

Love the thought of you in those classes, soaking it all in and adding it to your own art sense and process. Can you really get an asphalt shingle into a book? Go girl.

On to Claudine... ooooooh! Share everything, OK? I'm going to stalk her at the Stationery Show in NYC. (Just kidding, Claudine)

About the pics of piles... isn't studio synonymous with piles? It is in my world!

Raining here in Maine so better to be paining fabric in Texas, I guess.

Gerrie said...

I guess I should take a cass with leslie cause I love image transfer!! What a great idea - to do a book about your new home!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful pictures - wonderful inspiration! I loved seeing the hand-died fabrics - they looked so familiar! Love, mom

Diane Perin said...

I'm glad you're having fun! And how great to do a book about your new house. I can't wait to hear about the Claudine Hellmuth class.

Katina said...

It was great to meet you in Claudine's class tonight. I took the leap and started my new blog, it may be a while before I add anything fun but that's okay!!

I do read your blog, I just couldn't remember off hand which one you belonged to. I have to thank you for posting about Art and Soul because that's what reminded me today to call and register for classes. I previously hadn't registered because I thought I was working this weekend and had forgotten about it. So thank you!!!

Cathy said...

Lucky you! I am jealous, one of these days I'll take a class form Leslie too.

kathy said...

how come your space, and hers, look so NEAT??? You were just posing for the the picture right? There really ARE piles of stuff out of the frame right? Oh no, I forgot, we're talking to Deborah now who can work on top of her ironing board and still make beautiful art! What will you do when you have a whole huge studio?