Saturday, May 13, 2006

Another Great Class

Last night I took a lecture/discussion class with Claudine Hellmuth. (This means we didn't have any art supplies and we all sat in a big circle like grown-ups around a conference table.)

I should add that on the way to the class I stopped for a frappacino and a box of sushi. (At Target you can get both!) I drank the frap on the way and ate the sushi while chatting with other artists waiting for the class to begin. That was a great start!

The class was called "Minding Your Own Business." Claudine has made a wonderfully successful professional life for herself, so I was eager to hear her ideas.

I've heard her described as a Southern Belle Hippie! She's really witty and filled the class with great info.

Unlike some of the other reading and classes I have taken about making art your business, Claudine did not delve into any of the issues of self-doubt, motivation, fear or internal struggle for validation that I think a lot of artists face. She just assumed that we all know we are talented and committed! What a refreshing attitude.

Claudine says 100% of the good things that have happened in her business have come from her website. Wow. So, I really need to send in the contract I have for the web site designer I've picked. Really. I'm going to do that TODAY!

She also talked a lot about liscensing. (You know, like Mary Engelbreit's artwork on dishclothes, coaster, journals, calendars, mugs, etc etc etc.) This is an area I've never considered and I don't know that I'll pursue it, but it's interesting to have some discussion in my experience.

Today we're celebrating Mother's Day since I'll be away at classes all day tomorrow. Claire and I are having a girl's outting to Starbucks and we'll go letterboxing later. I am richly blessed.


Joanne S said...

It would seem that you are in the right place at the right time. I love when that happens!

I LOVE claudine. She is always so super enthusiastic about her life and work. A good work model for any of us.

Have a Happy Mom's Day. My daughter and I are going out shopping and to lunch today. Always fun.

Gerrie said...

Wow, I am just loving your life right now!! Lucky girl. I agree about the website - the blog has done a lot, but I need to do the website thing.

Have a lovely Mom's Day. I am childless, except for the dog, this week-end.

Sarah Ann Smith said...

Yeeeeehaw! Have a wonderful Mother's Day fantastic to have all these classes so you can meet and learn and network so soon after your move.

DO get the website going....although I have had few sales from my site, it has been an unqualified success for me. It tells the world I'm a professional artist, not someone who will be on to another project tomorrow. I got that mention in the British quilting magazine ONLY because I had the website....what exposure! It was worth every penny I paid to have the site professionally designed.

Can't wait to see what comes, and say "I knew her before she was famous!"

Cheers and hugs and have a blast tomorrow, Sarah

kathy said...

richly blessed for sure. And can't wait to see the progress on the website...same one kitchen table cards uses?