Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Mother's Day

Sometimes when a significant event comes along, I feel obligated to make note of it in my blog. When I approach a post with obligation, it never goes smoothly. I thought about writing something thoughtful about the miracle of motherhood. But, I really don't think I could ever adequately find the words. It's so much bigger than that. I am a mother raised by generations of wonderful, creative mothers.

Instead, I've just posted some pictures of the mothers in my family and some from the Mother's Day outing with my family.

That's me in the bottom left corner of the picture at the top. My mom is holding my sister. Her mother is in the middle and the matriarch sitting is my father's grandmother, Mabel. I remember a good bit of cross over celebrations with my mom and dad's families. Mabel was an amazing artist.

That's me on the left again, holding Claire. My mom on the right and her mom in the middle. The "four generation" pictures we have from both sides of our family are treasures.

On Saturday we went letterboxing to an amazing city park with tons of wildflowers, trails, playground and covered pavilions. One of the things I most love about letterboxing is finding spots I might not have discovered on my own. We didn't find the box, but... oh well.

Those are some big smiles, don't you agree?!

All hail the green and the purple.

I love this picture of Claire and Benjamin on the rocks under the bridge. There were even tadpoles in the stream below.

You may remember that Claire and Benjamin both recently turned 7 and 4. Last week a friend told me, "Seven is the best age!" And another said, "Four is the best age!" So, we must be in for a good year. I intend to embrace it.


Anonymous said...

Deborah - wonderful family pictures - of course I got all weepy just seeing them and the fond memoires of the moms that came before. The BIG smile picture is a treasure! Love, mom

Katina said...

Hi Deborah-
Did you guys go to the University Park area in Dallas and go to Lee Park? And what is letterboxing?

kathy said...

Benjamin and his ever silly expressions! Love it that this hasn't changed! And love to hear about your days too...

Lisa said...

I love the picture of you, Jeff, and the kiddos! It makes me miss you guys! I was thinking of flashlight tag the other day. What fun we had on Anthony Avenue. I hope some of our new neighbors are as fun as you all. Hi to all the Boscherts!!

Gerrie said...

Happy belated Mom's Day to you. Six and four are great years around here!!