Monday, January 02, 2006

This and That

Jeff and I are going to Texas tomorrow. We have several decisions to make regarding our new home. Sometimes I still can't believe we'll be moving in about seven weeks. Yikes. This is both thrilling and terrifying. In fact, let's not talk about it right now.

Grma M and Grpa T are staying with the kids. This is an enormous luxery and we are so pleased they made the trip! Plus we got to celebrate Grma's birthday with lobster on New Year's Eve

I'll be back by next weekend. Go about your business while I'm away.

I'll leave you with one more picture of another traditional food item for our Christmas meal...

...rainbow jello!

Grma K, Claire and Benjamin spent practically all day doing each layer. And it was worth it! Fruity, beautiful and delicious!

I posted some fiber postcards on my new art blog. I hope you'll check them out.


Anonymous said...

I was scrolling down and I thought you were serving hand-dyed fabric for dessert!! LOL. Have you sold the Maine house? Lucky grandparents to be home alone with the kids!!

Sarah Ann Smith said...

Oh what a scream...and Gerrie too...I thought it was a stack of hand-dyeds or maybe some setacolor fun with your mom!!!! Travel safely (will you have a laptop in TX for this trip?).... Can't wait to hear / see details about the much as we are REALLY REALLY REALLY gonna miss you (OK....going into denial here let's change the subject), it'll be fun to get your house just "right!"

HUGS, Sarah

Lauri said...

I was just checking out your art (linked from Sonji's blog) and somehow ended up here...LOVE your art, by the way!

Anyway...what I wanted to ask was where in Texas are you moving? We live in San Antonio...just moved from Houston. Have a great trip!

Susan Bingham said...

Am I the only one who wants to know how you made that colorful concoction? Looks VERY cool!

Also, I love your new art for sale blog *almost* as much as I love that you are actually, finally, treating yourself like a professional whose work will command the prices put on it!!! Hurray!

WAY bummed that you are moving though - not many New Englanders on here!!! Waah!!!