Saturday, January 07, 2006

The Deb Meme

Deb tagged me for a meme. She also tagged Deb and Deb. And Diane just for good measure. Don't you wish your name was Deb? And since she missed Deb, I say, Deb, if you are reading this... consider yourself TAGGED

Four Jobs You've Had: retail clothing sales, TV commercial producer, software marketing and mother

Four Movies You Could Watch Over and Over: Shawshank Redeption, The Rock, When Harry Met Sally, Say Anything

Four Places You've Lived: Only four? Champaign, IL, Coronado, CA, Junction City, KS, Meridian, MS

Four TV Shows you love to Watch: Currently... Project Runway, Everwood, LOST and West Wing. (I also got a kick out of Book of Daniel last night.)

Four Places You've Been on Vacation: Sicily, Vermont, Orlando, Iceland

Four Websites You Visit Every Day:, my own blog to see what blogs have been updated, Manolo, some shopping site -- though I don't usually buy anything

Four Of Your Favorite Foods: brownies, soup, good bread, ice cream

Four Places You'd Rather Be: I like to be happy where I am, but when I'm not, it's usually because I wish I were alone, or with people, or warmer or busier

Four Albums You Can't Live Without: I'm really not a music person, but I'm in LOVE with listening to This American Life for FREE. The 12/16 episode from 2005 about Carlton Pearson is my most recent favorite.

Four People You'll Pass This On To: How about some of the new gals on the Artful Quilters Web Ring? Joanne, Kristin, Miriam, Desiree.


Sarah Ann Smith said...

Welcome Home! So how was Houston...what did you do? What colors, what carpets and counters and tiles? Or are you that far along yet?

So....TV Commercial producer? When was that?????

I know I have more questions of curiosisty, but promise not to plague you with them tonight....have a good night's sleep in your own bed!

Anonymous said...

I wondered what you thought of the Book of Daniel. I have tivoed it and haven't watched it yet. We both memed Kristin!! Not a music person? I love all kinds of music.