Wednesday, November 23, 2005

This and That

The postman stood me up yesterday, again! He brought my big fat holiday issue of Real Simple and my usual skinny issue of Newsweek, but no Quilting Arts. And yet, I've heard from three other Mainers who have received their copies. So not happy.

We are having our first snow of the season. Lovely and delightful. It's quiet and bright and fills the house with more light than the usual morning since the light reflects off the sheet of white.

The kids and I are going over to my new friend Hannah's home today. Hannah and I are going to play in her studio and our five (combined) kids will play at creating some epic imaginary games that only young minds can come up with. Our daughters were on the same soccer team and when I saw a wonderful fancy fabric collage pocket book peeking out from under her coat one day, we discovered we have a mutual love of all things arty. So fun!


Anonymous said...

If it makes you feel any better, QA hasn't made it through the military postal system to Germany yet either. I'll be sure to look for your angel when it does finally arrive!

Sonji Hunt said...

I'm naughty and don't subscribe to magazines. I'm one of those newsstand people. So, I must go out and hunt down this issue of QA. Surely, it won't be out in the stores and I'll be having a fit.

Have fun today. You are brave women...five children total and actually trying to get artwork made. I bet the capper to a great day will be the arrival of the QA when you get home (and exhausted children!).

Deb R said...

We have snow coming down here in northeastern KY today too. Not quite enough to cover the ground yet, but it's getting there. I don't mind it too bad right now, but it won't be long at all until I'm griping about it. I'm NOT a winter person!

Gerrie said...

I'm sure that the postman/woman has it in his/her possession. It will show up, somewhat crumpled and well-read. We don't get ours out here on the left coast for at least a month after you all in the northeast. So stop complaining!! Have a wonderful turkey day!