Thursday, November 24, 2005

Renew & Recycle

I was all alone in my house on Tuesday morning. Perfectamundo! And I got inspired. This sweater kept jumping off the page of a NorthStyle catalog. I didn't want to buy it, but I liked it.

I had been considering going to Goodwill to look for a sweater that I could jazz up in this style, then I remembered this ill-advised purchase.

The dullest most boring off-white cable crew neck sweater. And it doesn't fit well either. (The bathroom is decent though, yes?)

A quick trip to Joann's and I got some ribbon and rectangular shaped "buttons." More on that in the next couple of steps. (I could have raided my stash for ribbon and buttons, but that may have been taking the recycling concept too far.)

I fused a strip of some stabilizer down the front of the sweater inside and out. And sliced.

A cardigan is born.

Then I folded the ribbon in half and sewed it over the cut edges. Yes, I chose orange. It's the new black, you know. And yes, I chose green contrasting thread. Orange and green are the new light blue and brown.

Now, those rectangle buttons. They didn't really have any in the button section. So I thought I'd check out the scrapbooking aisle for some smallish metal tags. Bingo. I'm so innovative.

These have words on them -- "celebrate," "wish," "hope," "dream" and "imagine." And two holes. I just sewed through one hole so they hang and swing around a bit.

And then I had to get out the manual for my sewing machine so I could remember how to do button holes. Not my favorite thing.

Ta da! Snappy, don't you think?

Six year old photographer also wanted a wide shot.

This picture makes me think that orange trim is quite bold. You can see it all the way across the room. That could be a good thing, I suppose. I'm liking this idea of renewing my tired clothes. What will be next?


Diane Perin said...

This is SO creative! And I love that with that orange ribbon, your family will be able to find you in ANY crowded setting. Move over, Martha!

sophie said...

Lately, it seems, I love everything ORANGE, so I think your choice is inspired. Seriously, the transformation from pullover to cardigan is fantastic ... and inspiring.

Deb R said...

I don't know what'll be next, but I can't wait to see because that is way cool!

Val said...

How brave of you to cut a knit. Looks good and I like the orange! Way to go!

Sonji Hunt said...

Big fan of the chopchop, Deborah! I absolutely love the idea. You are so frickin' clever. The orange ribbon...yum. Orange. Fabu. The "buttons"...well...pure genius. And of course you look superfantastic in it!

Melody Johnson said...

Brilliant!! And to add to the idea, I volunteer to dye the whole sweater orange to match the ribbon.
I must now plan a trip to the rumdum looking for the dull but wide enough pullover to do likewise.
Perhaps this will end my fascination with the shawl.

Terry Grant said...

Very clever! When I saw the "in progress" photos I thought you had dyed the sweater camel color, which looks great with the orange, but it must be the lighting in the pics. However--you COULD dye the whole thing camel--probably would have little or no effect on the orange ribbon--just a thought.

Elle said...

Great idea! I like it so much better as a cardingan!