Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Quilting Arts

Apparently, my guardian angel doll made for the Quilting Arts challenge way way way back... before I even started this blog, I believe... is pictured in the current issue. I have not received said issue and I nearly accosted the mail man yesterday when he failed to deliver the goods. It was a substitute mailman, so he was spared. If our regular mailman, Bill, is working today, I am confident he will know how to keep my happy.

I never even posted pictures of the angel on my blog because she's just so unphotogenic, at least with my skills. Every shot was shadowing or unclear and just looked like a mess of stuff rather than a thoughtful combination of lots of ideas, techniques and materials. So, I'm thrilled that the professionals took some pictures and then published them. How very exciting -- tempered by the fact that I haven't seen it yet.

I do get a bit annoyed by the fact that Quilting Arts seems to just milk a project to death. This will be the third issue that features the angels. (Saving the best for last, obviously.) But, that seems a bit much to me. I'm ready to see and read about something new. Even in the last issue of CPS there was another feature about the Women of Influence project, which was also covered in at least three other issue of QA and/or CPS. Lovely project, wonderful artists, tons of inspiration, but it makes me wonder what other great stuff is happening out there that isn't covered in QA because it's filled up with what feels a bit like re-runs.

I hate to complain. Especially after being PUBLISHED. Talk about biting the hand that feeds you. Bad bad me. And of course, QA is the best magazine we art quilters have going! I can't say exactly what more I want. Or how I wish it was a bit different. I can't quite put my finger on it. Am I completely off base? What would you like to see in a perfect world of publishing?

Still, I just renewed my subscription for two more years and I'm listening for the familiar sound of the mail truck coming down the road!


Deb R said...

"I hate to complain. Especially after being PUBLISHED. Talk about biting the hand that feeds you."

That's how I felt a couple of months ago when I wrote a letter to the editors of QNM telling them I thought their new format sucked. It was right after they'd just published a photo of one of my quilts. I felt like a heel! But it was true.

And yes, I agree with what you're saying about QA. I LOVE their photography and paper quality and so on. I think it's a fabulous-looking magazine. But I think they sometimes sacrifice content for style. My friend Margaret Ball has an article in this issue and they only plublished half the article, cutting out the beading diagrams she worked so hard to create.

My subscription is renewed too though. :-)

Joanna Stein said...

I feel that way about Sommerset. It seems like each issue is almost the same, save for a new project or two. But I do hope that you give it to me again for Christmas.

I think part of the problem with arty magazines is the same staff pick all the items. Therefore they tend to gravitate towards the stuff they like best.

I can't wait to see both of your published pieces. Have I seen the goddess in person?

Sarah Ann Smith said...

Good news...my copy arrived in Camden (75 minutes North of Deb's house) today, and your guardian angel looks GREAT!

Even better, this was the first issue in nearly two years that has a lot of work that I LIKE.... I get frustrated with QA Mag. because it seems like they just glop as much stuff onto the surface of cloth as they can and call it art. Not. Not always, anyway. Some pieces are, some are just glop.

But this issue, in the self-portraits, most are blessedly NOT like the article they had and are much more artistic. Here's to hoping that maybe, maybe, MAYBE they'll change the "style" and content enough to give something to the rest of us.....

And Deb...I'm SO proud of you! The first Frayed Edge to be in QA...and I'm NOT telling you how your angel looks exactly because I really want you to be surprised!

HUGS! Sarah

Melody Johnson said...

I think, not that often but for just blips at a time, uh..

OK I am starting over.

I think if the magazine is bombarded with new ideas/designs/great photos of new stuff, they will respond to it.

Since QA has a 'look' I think people start making work that looks like the 'look' and it gets regenerated and republished.

New outstanding work will get recognized if and when they see it.

Anonymous said...

I would prefer a magazine like Art/Quilt Magazine (well except I'd like it to actually be published vs just advertised...hm).

I don't like quilting arts. It's a "how to" magazine in my opinion - it's about the "craft" side of our art - which yes - is important - good craftmanship is a must. But it's boring to talk only about technique and materials.

What I'd like - some solid critiques of fiber shows. Some discussion about composition. Anything with something to think about - vs yet another pretty embellished piece of fiber.

And am I the only one that can't tell when one article ends and the next begins? That magazine is confusing. The photography is gorgeous but it's just total overload for me.