Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Out and About in Maine

We had a super weekend with my parents. More details soon. In the meantime, here are some pictures of our hike up to the top of Bradbury Mountain. You realize, of course, that in the state of Maine, the term "mountain" is used a bit loosely. In that, a three year old can climb it by himself and not whine too much to be carried.

Wood on the path to the summit of Bradbury Mountain

Rocks on the way to the summit of Bradbury Mountain. Don't worry a quilt inspired by rocks is forthcoming. I painted the fabric for it at the last Art Quilts Maine meeting.

The summit of Bradbury Mountain. I guess I didn't take any pictures of the view, which was quite specatular. I'm sure my dad (pictured in the background below) did, but I don't think we swapped picture files before they left. Oh well. Next time.Posted by Hello

We also had a super fantastic time walking along the beach at Harpswell. We were there at like 10:30 am and no one else was around. We walked up the beach for quite a way picking up shells, drift wood and sea glass. I've hunted for sea glass before on busyier beaches during more seasonal months with no luck. We hit the sea glass jack pot this weekend. Yes, a sea glass quilt will also be forthcoming.

We logged three letterboxes this weekend too. The first boxes after the long winter.


Lisa said...

Thanks for the letterbox link. I had heard of it in England, but had no idea it was done here, too. Can't wait to check it out once the family returns.

And I had to laugh at your pictures of Bradbury Mountain. Growing up in Yarmouth I made a couple of disastrous trips to Bradbury. The first time I was just a kid running around on the granite summit and tripped. No one had a first aid kit so I walked all the way down with blood running down from a badly skinned knee.

My second visit was even worse. After ascending with the rest of the 7 year olds from my day camp I ran down the mountain with the others using a side (or Indian) trail. Then I missed my friends and went back up the unmarked trail. Yup I got lost and the fire department etc was called to search for me. Hard to imagine getting lost on such a tiny mountain (I think it's actually a few feet short of the minimum), but I managed. Memories, sigh...

Karoda said...

Being a tried and true city girl I have to make special effort and planning to see scenes like this. I've avoided inclines of any type though in the last year or so...but I do appreciate undeveloped woodsy areas.