Thursday, April 21, 2005

Don't Spill Your Cappacino!

Kate and I hung our show at the Little Dog Coffee Shop in Brunswick, Maine last week. I think it looks really good. I've finally got some pictures. They were a bit dark and I lightened them in Photoshop, but I think they are a bit grainey. Oh well.

And, of course, if you're going to be in Maine, please give me a call, I'll buy a cuppa and show you the quilts in person. (I'll even let you touch them.) Plus our "meet the artists" even is next Saturday, April 30 from 4 to 6. (I still don't know what I'm going to wear... maybe the super spunky orange linen/denim jacket I bought at Goodwill for 95 cents.)

Do you recognize my arch collages on the pillar in the foreground? Those are Kate's two wonderful brown pieces in the back and my red flowers.

Another view. I didn't crop out the customers so you could get a real feel for the place. Usually it's busier. But I took these pictures just before closing. The quilts above the couches include my two funky pieced pieces, Kathy's wonderful heron, Sarah's amazing Brooks and Branches and three of her wonderful journal quilts.

And another view. This is our big gallery wall. I'm not sure if we'll sell anything. But it sure brightens the place up and it's been a good experience. Those short tables in the middle of the shot are the ones they had just brought in from the sidewalk. Posted by Hello


Sonji Hunt said...

Ahhhh, I can smell the coffee. Well, of course you WILL sell your work. Don't put that negative vibe out there, Deborah.

Karoda said...

I wish I could come to Maine simply because I have never been that far seeing the pieces and java to boot would be triple treat :)

I check with my favorite local coffee shop that hangs art and they are booked about 18-20 months out already...that certainly would give me time to create a "body" of work. Have fun next Saturday and may all your work sell!

Anonymous said...

I am most jealous that you could fit into the .95 orange jacket. AWESOME! Of course you have to wear that. Maybe we could all come in Goodwill wear?

Jen said...

How I wish I could drop by for a cup and see your work up close! It's great that you are getting your work on display, the coffee shop is a great idea...Jen