Friday, February 11, 2005

Snow Pictures

These are for all you bloggers who have been posting pictures of flowers blooming! Here's what's happening in my world. The captions are above the pictures. I think I like them better below. I need to adjust my Hello settings.

Here's Claire out in the snow yesterday. We've gotten at least another foot since then. Benjamin was out too, but he didn't last long and was tougher to get a picture of.

That's Jeff using Joe's plow to plow Phil's driveway. Aren't we all neighborly?

This is the view out our back door. I squeezed open the door just a bit so I wouldn't have the weave of the screen over the whole picture. The best perspective for the depth of the snow really would be a picture of a five year old standing in it up to her thighs. Or a two year old stuck up to his waist crying! I'll try to get that picture later today. (Well, not the crying one...) Posted by Hello

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