Friday, February 11, 2005

Arg! Another Snow Day!

Luckily, we have great neighbors with super high tech snow plows. I think they have plowed the four or five collective driveways in the neighborhood at least four times since yesterday afternoon. It's a lot of snow. So, of course, school is cancelled again today. Yesterday not much had accumulated in the morning and I misread the postings on the tv, so off we went. Benjamin had school (since his preschool is in someone's home, the teacher doesn't have to plow or shovel to get to work). But, we when drove over to drop Claire off, clearly something was amiss. I first noticed when I saw only one set of tire tracks in the long driveway. Apparently, there is only one other clueless parent in the neighborhood. So, we stayed home. Got to work on Valentines. Watched a bit of tv together. Played some computer games and then went to pick Benjamin up. I'll have to come up with a whole new set of ideas for today. But, since at least I know school is cancelled today -- we can spend a bit more time in our jammies.
I really should take some pix of the snow... look for that later today.

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