Friday, February 11, 2005


Friday, February 11: Newborn tossed out of car window

Thursday, February 10: Girl locked in room for over a year

Saturday, February 5: Pair accused of child torture arrested in Utah

and all the others who were not in the news...

We must take better care of our children. And by "we" I mean ALL OF US. And by "our children" I mean ALL CHILDREN.

Edited: Sunday, February 13. I see now that the first story was false. The woman who reported seeing the baby tossed out the window was actually the baby's mother. It's still a sad situation and seems to be a reflection of our society's ignorance about the real needs of children and mothers.

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Diane Perin said...

These are horrible stories. But did you see the follow-up story that the baby wasn't really tossed out of the window? Seems the mom wanted to give the baby up for adoption without revealing it was HERS, so she took the baby to the hospital claiming she'd seen him thrown out a window. IT's still a sad story, but thank goodness it's not true.