Monday, February 07, 2005

The First Frayed Edges Get Together

Frayed Edges... apparently, artsy-pendant-necklaces were the order of the day.

We had a great time sharing books (and food) and discussing lots of works-in-progress and hopes our group.

Kate's "The Brady Bunch Plays Tiddly Winks" How's that for a bullseye?! There was much discussion here about plastic pony beads. Hmmmm.

Oh, that's me with my new bag. Made from amazing hand-painted and stamped fabric from my friend Sonji, quilted and constructed by me. I get comments about it every time I carry it. And look for a future post about my obsession with purple and green.

Kathy's Egret. Isn't it marvelous? You just can't go wrong with the amazing imagery in nature.

Sarah's in progress piece for the Straight and Narrow challenge. Stunning. It's only part way done and I'm in awe. She plans to add lots more three dimensional water and some foam around the rocks. Have you seen what you can create with celephane and a heat gun? Posted by Hello

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