Friday, January 14, 2005

I found some verse for the spring quilt.

Yeah! I was googling around and came across the following.

When Spring Appears

Meadowlarks give lusty cheers
when spring appears
when spring appears.

Buds and seeds
prick up their ears
and blades of grass
show eager spears.

And only icicles
weep tears
when spring appears
when spring appears
Author: Aileen Fisher

Quite lovely. Don't you think? I even actually got it stamped on the quilt top. I used the first line of each stanza then "when spring appears" just once toward the bottom of the quilt. Now, a back needs to be pieced, then sandwiching.

I have a pile of stuff ready to be packed up for the kaleidoscope quiltathon tomorrow. After some trouble with my machine yesterday, all seems to be fine and I'm hoping it will be a productive day of quilting.

Jeff asked if they throw you out if you get up from your machine or stop sewing... as if "quiltathon" was one of those fund raising type events where you must kiss or dance or jump rope or whatever for hours on end and some generous donors (that you wrestled down in the parish hall after church on Sunday morning) pledge a nickel for every hour you succeed. Not so.

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Melody Johnson said...

I love that poem and can almost sing it.
Your blog looks different. How did you get the white backgound? Did you just change the template?