Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Rubber Stamping On Winter

I finally finished preparing all the unmounted alphabet stamps I got. Then I stamped three lines from "In the Bleak Mid Winter" on the winter quilt. I also wrote one line with wispy handwriting in Pigma. My local guild has a quiltathon this Saturday. (They rent the big room at the Elks lodge and quilt all day. Plus, eat of course. Get out your crock pot.) I really had intended to have both Spring and Winter ready to quilt that day. So, I'm making progress. But I still need to prepare the back and get in sandwiched. So why did I spend time on the sleeve for Blended Morn today? That could have waited. I need more focus in prioritization.

I thought I wanted to stick with text from hymns for all the season quilts. But I flipped through the hymnal on Sunday morning during Dan's sermon and I couldn't find anything moving about Spring. I kept trying to convince myself that "Morning is Broken" would work. But, it will not. Then I thought it was silly to limit myself to hymns anyway, so I'm on a search for anything that I succinct and springy.

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Anonymous said...

Deborah, I asked my friend Thomas Kraft about Spring Hymns...he told me to go to http://www.oremus.org/hymnal/ which I did, and type in Spring. BINGO! tons of lovely choices (emphasis on Anglican hymns...) :) LUCY