Tuesday, January 05, 2021

2020 Art Quilt Collages

A global pandemic and breast cancer didn't keep me from making art quilts! I did make fewer than in years past, but I'm really pleased with this collection. You can see my 2019, 2018, 2017 and 2016 collections too.  


Planted Perception, 20x20
I created this art quilt collage for a particular call for entry. It was not accepted, but it got my year started off strong. I like it more now than I did when I finished it. I blogged about the process here. 

Seek and Find, 8x6"
This was my contribution to the Spotlight Auction that is part of Studio Art Quilt Associates annual conference. I'm delighted it raised $250 for our organization. 

Even and Odd, 60x40
This is the second in a series of ladders in abstracted block compositions. I leaned way into odd color combinations and unexpected elements like beetles and sushi. This quilt won first place at the Visual Arts Society of Texas member show. 

untitled (or I can't remember the title), 12x12"
This vessel was made to be included in a selection of 12x12" works by artists accepted into Art Quilt Elements 2020. I sent it off in late February and then, of course, the show was postponed. 

Distant Breath, 40x40"
Another in my series of 40x40" linear landscapes.

Boundless and Bare, 40x40
This is my quarantine quilt. Like many artists, I worked through thoughts and feelings by making art.

Cuts and Bruises, 60x40
This could be called my breast cancer quilt. The ideas and feelings implied here are not obvious, but I know they're there.

Across and Through, 12x12
This was my contributions to Studio Art Quilt Associates annual Benefit Auction. I am delighted it raised $1000 for our organization.

Sprouts Soil Sky, 34x26"
After making several quilts for specific calls for entry and to specific sizes, I gave myself permission to just put some fabrics, shapes and stitching together with no parameters. This piece won second place at the Visual Art Society of Texas 175-Mile exhibition in December. 


Rising and Setting, 31x31"
Inspired by a painting I saw at the Dallas Museum of Art, I loved exploring this color palette in a blocky, abstracted landscape.

Moon Meadow, 9.5 x 28"
This long skinny quilt was created as my submission to the annual Art on the Plaza competition. 

Ladder Factory 16x12"
Lisa Ellis commissioned me to make this art quilt collage. You can watch me talk about ladders -- and the idea of a ladder factory -- here


Hillside Woods, 40x40"
This is another in my tree lines series. It was in various stages of development over several months until I decided to get it under the needle and finish it to give my mom for Christmas. 

Thirteen original art quilts! A good year!


jeanne Marklin said...

Wow! So many finished art quilts while dealing with treatment for breast cancer and being President of SAQA! And a pandemic too. Social isolation seems to stir productivity for you. Thanks for sharing all your work here. It’s inspiring!

Arja said...

Very beautiful and so productive!

Vivien Zepf said...

A VERY good year plus, as Jeanne notes, SAQA presidential duties too. Powerhouse!

Unknown said...

Nice work Deborah. I enjoyed seeing the year this way.

chris said...

All beautiful - so glad you are still making art for us to enjoy. Trust this year will be full for you in a very good way.

Bethany G said...

You always inspire the keen and devoted interest of our SAQA members around the world with your bright and focused design play - and, for me, the exciting places to look and see what the story plan could have been before the work was even begun on cloth. I am certainly entranced and delighted with each of the 2020 pieces shared here! Thanks, Deb.

Joyce said...

So hard to pick a favorite ----- but IF I had to it would be 'Boundless and Bare. I'm drawn into this piece and don't want to leave.

Joanne S said...

I love the untitled 12 by 12 (vessel) very very much.
That would have been a good challenge for the twelve or you and....me