Wednesday, December 19, 2018

I've been in the studio! 2018 Art Quilt Collages

Here are all the quilts in made in 2018.

You can see my review of 2017 here and 2016 here.


Ever Arise Eventide, 44x40
I love this quilt-- the dramatic shape of that big blue tree, the interesting mix of fabrics and stitches in the foreground, the wavy contour quilting lines in the background, the offset purple stripe along the arch and the feeling of magical realism with the ladder. I'm delighted that it was sold to a collector.


Small Delights, 12x12
This was my SAQA Auction donation for 2018.

Rising, 8x6
Another SAQA auction donation, this one for the Spotlight event at the conference.

Hand Full of Wonder, 34x22
It was a delight to have an opportunity to make two art quilts for the release of Carrie Bloomston's fabric line, Wonder.

Hand Full of Flutter, 34x22
I also created my first fused applique art quilt pattern for these two quilts. That was an ambitious project and I learned so much from working through that challenge. Check it out.


Beagle and Lab, 12x12
A commission celebrating and remembering two precious pets.


Abundant, 6x4
A small art quilt collage donation for the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show.

Hope on the Hillside, 6x4
Another donation for the Sisters Outdoor Quilt show.

Lightly, 7x5
I only made one in my on-going "ready to frame" series of 7x5 art quilt collages. There are several more that are in various stages of completion.


This series was created to celebrate Melanie Testa's stunning new fabric line. See each individual piece below. Working with a limited selection of fabric allowed me to highlight hand embroidery in new ways.

Spring Sprout, 7x5

Graceful Greens, 7x5

Blushing Bud, 7x5

Rising Rose, 7x5

Floral Flutter, 7x5

Floral Fusion, 7x5


Shifting Shelter, 20x16
This is the featured artwork for the first article in my three part series for Quilting Arts magazine.

Glossary, 50x30
Another quilt that I am just thrilled with the outcome. It was created for the special exhibition curated by Dinner at Eight artists and premiered at International Quilt Festival. I'm delighted that it sold.


Brimming Bounty, 20x16
This is the featured artwork for the second in my three-part series for Quilting Arts magazine.


Kristin LaFlamme asked me to create four small art quilt collages with Carrie Bloomston's fabric line, Wonder for the new Montavilla Sewing in Lake Oswego, OR. I'll be teaching there in April.

Shine, 7x5

Grow, 7x5

Ride, 7x5

Soar, 7x5


Flourishing, 9 2/3 x 28
I haven't shared this yet. (I really should do a whole blog post with close ups so you can see all the texture.) I created this piece for the annual Dallas "art on the plaza" call for entries. I was awarded an honorable mention and the piece is now in the collection of the Catholic Foundation.


I created these five tiny pieces to make into stickers to give to my students in my workshop at the Hudson River Valley. (They're tiny and simple, but they count!) You can read about how I created the stickers here.

House sticker, 3x3

Stone sticker, 3x3

Chair sticker, 3x3

Bowl sticker, 3x3

Ladder sticker, 3x3


Pausing Pattern, 20x16
This is the featured art quilt in the third article in my Quilting Arts magazine series. I've edited it to black and white since isn't supposed to be revealed until the issue comes out in February. Shhh.


Conversations, 40x40
Another major work that I'm really pleased with. You can read about the process of creating this work here.


Flutter Home, 14x14
One last quilt made for the Quilting Arts challenge to be donated to people transitioning out of homelessness through Furnishing Hope.

A few statistics...

19 Small -- Less than 9" on all sides (38 last year)

7 Medium -- 9 to 30" on all sides (13 last year)

5 Large -- greater than 30" on any side (2 last year)

Total: 31
I made fewer overall, but more large works. I hope to continue that trend in 2019.


Donna Lohman said...

Enjoyed you gallery show this morning. Thank you for sharing. Happy holidays to you and your family.

christine said...

This is very interesting to see a year’s work all together. I want to study these more carefully after the holidays. Food for thought as I plot my forward path. Have a wonderful holiday and start to another productive year.

Shelina (formerly known as Shasta) said...

I enjoyed seeing this retrospective for the year. Does that mean you are done for the year? So many beautiful pieces.

Margaret said...

Your work continues to inspire! Thanks, Deborah!

Tom Williams said...

Ahhhh these are so pretty! ???????? I love the first and last photos ??