Thursday, March 17, 2016

Dallas Quilt Show Part 2

Here are a few more quilts that caught my eye at the Dallas Quilt Show.

Now isn't this just fun and silly? Cats as vegetables! It's called Garden Path Cats by Dorothy Hamilton.

I love avocados, so I especially love this block.

This quilt really makes a spectacular impression. I think I've seen it pop up elsewhere. In fact, I think Amalia M shared a similar quilt from her local quilt show which was the same weekend as the event in Dallas. It may even be a kit. But, I think it shows some interesting potential development in the Modern Quilting genre. It's made by Loide Wasmund and is called Defying Gravity.

Here's a wide shot of some of the quilts in the Small Contemporary category. I had two quilts in this group.

Here is the first place winner from Small Contemporary. It's Almost Squared Away by Sharon Schlotzhauer. It's very elegant and zen.

And here is the second place winner from Small Contemporary. It's Southern Lady by Pam Hough.

And here is the third place winner! Ta Da! It's me! This is Green Bowl Gathering.

My quilt Growing Up Through the Cracks was also in this category and won an HM ribbon.

My friend Carolyn Skei also had a quilt in the category. This is Time Travel and was made in a workshop I taught. I just love it! Carolyn completely ran with my design guide concept and created something original and unique.

Here's another of Carolyn's pieces. It's called Last Look Back.

This section with the ethereal image transfer all the beautiful variegated French knots is wonderful.

A unique and wonderful portrait quilt. It's The Chemist by Karen Lambdin. As the mother of a daughter who loves science, I was really drawn to this quilt.

This quilt by Laura Ruiz titled Bluebirds was actually in last week's Studio Art Quilt Associates newsletter. And then there is was before my very eyes at the show! Fun!


I love Sherrie Tootle's quilt about growing up in New York City. 

Here's a close up of Central Park.

The masterful, award-winning, genius art quilter, Barbara Oliver Hartman had a few quilts in the show including this treasure, Out My Front Door.

All those teeny tiny pieces!

Another of Barbara's pieces. This is Road Trip.

I especially like the subtle pops of teal in the stitching and painted details.

I had one more quilt in the show. This is Haze and Hope.

 This applique quilt was so endearing. I really love it. It's called I Am The True Vine by Sun Mee Seen. She says the design was inspired by illustrations in a calendar. It's needle turn appliqué and hand quilted and won a ribbon for hand workmanship.

Here is a block representing the miracle of the five loaves and two fish.

Here is the wedding at Cana where Jesus turned water into wine. See the vessel with the water and wine and the bride and groom? So charming.

This quilt always had people around it. It's quite fabulous! bug:trixelated transportation by Martha Peterson

Beautifully organized and effective piecing.

Frieda Anderson was one of the three judges at the show this year. She gave an inspiring lecture on Saturday afternoon.

I leave you with this peppy quilt. As you know, I'm totally an art quilter... but I just love quilts of all kinds. This one really caught my eye. It's Aqua Overload by Jill Isakson.

I'll wrap up with one more post including more art quilt later this week.


liniecat said...

What a feast of fabric and skills.
Love the cat veggie quilt too!! Too funny lol

Jill in McKinney said...

Congratulations Deborah! Loved your quilts.