Monday, March 21, 2016

Interesting Sites from our LA Trip

I'll have one more post with pictures from the Quilters Guild of Dallas show, but let's take a break from that and look at some more pictures from our trip to LA.

We went through several airports and I snapped this picture of a lone yellow staircase. I wrote about it a little in the most recent issue of my newsletter, Three Bits of Inspiration. (You can subscribe here.)

I love the yellow steps contrasting with the red lines on the pavement.

My sister lives in a cute neighborhood in North Hollywood. One morning the kids and I took a walk through the neighborhood and out into the commercial areas to a walking and bike path converted from an old train track line.

The famous Circus Liquor is just around the corner.

Apparently someone spilled some paint.

There were beautiful trees in bloom.

Someone else left their couch on the sidewalk.

Along the walking path there were tons of great murals. I really love this one that is painted on the wall in the foreground and the building behind it.

At the end of the walking path is a used bookstore! So many books!

And categorized quite thoughtfully.

We walked through a garden decor market on the way back. There were lots of sales.

We were temped to get a psychic reading. Not really.

The next day we took the train into downtown LA hoping to visit the new Broad Museum. It's free, but you have to have timed tickets and the line was several blocks long. So I just took pictures of the building instead.

It's right next to the Disney Concert Hall designed by Frank Gehry.

They play off each other beautifully.

We explored the gardens on top of the Disney Concert Hall where I took this picture of Claire and Benjamin that just captures them beautifully!

There was a beautiful lotus sculpture fountain in the garden.

In my last post about our LA trip, you saw pictures from The Last Bookstore (not the same bookstore that was along the walking path). Here are a few installations from that amazing place!

Organized by color!

And check out this big tunnel formed from stacks of books. I love the exterior with the pages facing out.

Last weird site on the train riding back to Joanna's place.

We eavesdropped a little. I think this was a theater student who was learning to make masks. So, this would be the mold. A sad, creepy mold.

We had a great trip. Getting away and out of our little part of the world always makes me look at things with fresh eyes.

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The Joyful Quilter said...

Books arranged by color and a book tunnel?! TOO cool!!!