Wednesday, December 09, 2015

New Abstract Art Quilts

I'm trying to create art quilts with more of an abstract style and a bit more simplicity. Here are two new works.

Growing Up Through the Cracks, 20x20

Slipping Off the Curb, 20x20

They are the same composition. Did you notice?

The blue piece started something like this.

I was a little obsessed with that grape print... but I didn't even end up including it.

At this point I'm telling myself "less, less, less."

This is the first time I've used an embroidered satin stitch in this way. It was a little tricky and I learned a lot about what works and what doesn't.

It's a little better in the brown piece.

The variegated pearl cotton I used to stitch those squares is gorgeous. It's mixed with tiny bits of completely random deep rust. I love variegated floss or pearl cotton that changes irregularly.

I was trying to keep the piece entirely abstract, but once the title came to me, I had to sneak in this leafy sprout.

They are hanging next to the fireplace in our living room.

They were really fun to make. I'm discovering new things. One of my favorite new things may be the angled arch. You know I often stitch an arch at the top of my compositions. Notice how I've stitched an arch at two of the corners on the blue piece? I'm eager to repeat that design element.


Jane LaFazio said...

Beautiful! So, I'm looking at your fireplace and what do I see? Sprouts and and arch!
And can you share where you got that particular varigated thread? ( Because I don't have enough)

Dee Spillane said...

I have always loved the combination of dark brown and Turquoise. So I am very drawn to that one. I also love the satin stitch addition to your work. To me that is a very challenging stitch.

tutorial girl said...

So nice. I'm super glad I do know your work style from a workshop 2-3 years back.
PS thanks for so nice and big pictures; it's always so nice to see it so close.