Thursday, May 28, 2015

This and That

Just catching up with a few pictures, activities and thoughts...

I found this image on my camera. Even though it was just recently, I don't know exactly what I was working on here.
It had some potential, I guess. But it was abandoned. I think maybe it was a possible SAQA Auction donation. But I went a different direction with that. I'll share that with you soon.

My kids have been doing taekwondo for about eight years (minus the three years we were in Maryland). I finally decided to join in. Benjamin and I both got new belts after the last testing. He is now a full first degree black belt and I am a yellow belt. It's fun. I am definitely learning a whole new set of skills. Good for the mind and the body.

I'm working on a quilt with some red fabrics. I thought I didn't like red too much. But I love these pieces.

I helped coordinate an art exhibit at our church last month. There are some really cool things happening at Annunciation Episcopal Church.  We have lots of members who create in various media and this seemed like an exciting way to share and connect with each other in a new way. It was a big success. Here's the reception table from our opening night.

I made these name tag ribbons for all the artists.

Here's one corner of the exhibit. You can see my quilt Haze and Hope straight ahead. My quilt Just Sitting in on the left.

The best part was getting to know some members of my church family in a whole new way and sharing our creative spirits together.

I could add a bunch of pictures of Claire from all the events she's had lately with end-of-the-school-year activities. But, I'll just share this one from the Band Banquet.
Claire made the difficult decision not to continue with band next year. There are just not enough slots in the academic schedule for her to take all the classes she is interested in, including band. We loved the two year band experience and we're all excited for her remaining two years of high school.

More pictures of art and family and other random stuff coming soon.

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