Sunday, April 26, 2015

Early Spring This and That

My mom was visiting during Spring Break and she taught Claire to knit. Or should I say, retaught. I think she's had this pink scarf in a tote bag in her room for years. 
Every now and then, when Grandma is visiting, she pulls it out. This year she actually found a pattern for a Tardis scarf and she and Grandma bought yarn and got started. (Now it's also in the tote bag.)

Benjamin celebrated his 13th birthday also! He chose a restaurant that serves bento boxes!

This odd little dog wandered into our yard one day. He was very timid and sweet. He staggered around the house a little while I called the owners. They came to get him and said he is blind and had a stroke. That's why he was so wobbly. Poor little guy.

Cool graffiti.

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