Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Materials Hard and Soft

I went to see the Materials: Hard and Soft show a couple of weeks ago. It's always a great show. If you're local, you can see it until April 2.

I took a few random snapshots... not especially thoughtful or with reason. There are much better pictures on the website.

I kinda love this Qtip basket by Karen Lauseng.

Here's one of three or four "quilts" that were in the exhibit.

It won a Juror Award.

Here's a unique fiber piece by Catherine Reinhart. Top top is a piece of "found leisure quilt blocks" and the bottom she calls "string paintings" inspired by the colors and patterns in the original blocks.

It's an interesting concept...

Another quilt. This is Ana Lisa Hedstrom's Diamonds I. My friends were closely examine the complex shibori and stitching.

Here is Sue Reno's Silk Mill #2 on the back wall. 

I was on such a roll with blogging in January and February and now it's late March and I haven't blogged in a couple of weeks. I'm getting back to it!

Looking back at these pictures makes me think I'm ready to stretch in my own work a bit. What is that going to look like? And how am I going to make it happen?


Linda Evans said...

Hmmmmmm....can't wait to see.

AtoZ A.T.P. Morusiewicz said...

Q-tip basket and it's shadow are definitely cool, thanks for posting. Have fun stretching!